“Live more lives than one”, a free book by Philosophy Bear, is out now.

Click here to read the book for free, no signup, email address, or details required.

I have removed the header on each page that asks you to donate because I trust my readers don’t need reminding. I just ask that if you enjoy the book you consider making a donation to help be cover advertising costs here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/Livemorelivesthanone and/or help me advertise the book directly by sharing on places like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. If you really enjoy the book you might even both share it and make a donation. I think most people are basically honest and will do what they can to help, so I’m hoping not to be disappointed.

I’d also like to give you a heads up about our subreddit for this book and the associated blog: check it out here

I would love to put it out in a format other than PDF but I’m really busy. If anyone’s willing to convert it into EPUB and Kindle formats etc. please let me know.


What is it about? The easiest introduction is just to jump in and pick an essay that sounds interesting, but if you’re still not sure, topics covered in the book include the novels of Iain Banks, questions that keep me up at night, Russian Cosmism, the poetry of Oscar Wilde, OCD, philosophy of language, the nature of belief, and the failures of meritocracy. It’s an eclectic collection of what I think are my best essays, and I’d be surprised if there’s not something in there which is relevant to you.

You might be wondering why I made it free? I figure that if people want to pay for it, they can so choose. If you did want to chuck me a few bucks to cover the cost of advertising it, it would mean a lot, not just financially but personally.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to check it out, just remember:

A) It’s free.

B) It’s by an eccentric dude on the internet, so even if it turns out to be bad, it will probably at least be interesting- as an artefact of eccentricity or a study in cranks.

The only rule is that if you enjoy it, you have to share it. This is on an honor system- please don’t cheat.

Want to give advice or ideas on the book?:

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If you are interested in helping me edit specifics: Click here for the beta version of my new book in google docs.

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